Chloe Cotter

Chloe Cotter - Careers with us Case Studies

What were you doing before you joined A&E Agency?

Before working at A&E Agency I worked as a recruitment consultant for an IT staffing organisation. I have a background in performing arts but I decided to move in to the recruitment industry as I felt it had the potential for a strong career. However, my first experience wasn’t the best as I had no passion or interest in the industry I was recruiting for. I started to question whether this was something I wanted to continue with for the rest of my career. That was until I received a call from the A&E Agency team. They convinced me that I would be given the support I need and I knew I would be more passionate about placing doctors in to the healthcare industry.

How have you progressed your career during your time at A&E Agency?

It has been three and a half years now since I joined the team as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant and four promotions later I find myself as the Sales Manager for the permanent division. I’m now working towards becoming a Sales Manager and hoping to hit my target for that this year. Working in this team has been a completely different experience to what I had before in recruitment, I feel I have really thrived because of the training and support I receive. I feel comfortable that I can speak to the leaders in the business to ask for advice and support which has really helped my progression. Their door is always open for anyone.

What do you think are the most important skills for a recruiter to do well at A&E Agency?

For me, the most important skills for success here are ambition and to be relentless in chasing your goal. Without these qualities, it will be difficult to progress and reach the targets that you want to get to. The great thing about working at A&E Agency is that you will always be well rewarded if you put the work in so work ethic is an extremely important attribute to have.

What do you value most about working for A&E Agency?

If I had to pick one thing above anything else that I value, I would have to say it is the group of people that work here. We have such a vibrant atmosphere in the office, and regular nights out that I actually feel at home when I am at work. Everyone in the team is able to work together to help us all to get to the goal that we are trying to achieve. I also value the trust that I am given by the managers I have had here, I’ve always been trusted to get on with my job and as I mentioned previously they have always been there when I have needed support.

What has been your proudest moment here?

I’d have to say that my proudest moment here actually came this year. Our team won the small business unit award at our management conference which was a great achievement. I was extremely happy for myself and the team to be recognised for our hard work and continue to motivate us to keep performing.