A&E Managed Services

A&E Agency Managed Services draws on the skills and expertise of the largest specialist medical healthcare providers to the NHS. Our recruitment partners are dedicated to developing profound sector knowledge across key areas of the NHS. Across all medical specialties and grades, our business is founded on a true understanding of the staffing requirements within each market. We do this so that we can work with your teams to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it most.

A&E Agency Managed Services offer a suite of customised services, designed specifically to increase continuity of service while delivering cost and efficiency savings. Most importantly we are commotted to helping you deliver the highest standards of frontline care and compliance.

Our solutions include end to end Managed Services, Staff Bank Management Solutions, Budget Control, Audit, Supply Chain Management and live Financial & Reporting Information.

Our delivery team work hard to create a dedicated solution for your Trust. We invest time and effort upfront, to learn everything we can about your particular needs and issues. Our research and resulting analysis means we can deliver a bespoke programme of recommendations for you. We aim to drive positive change – helping to deliver cost and efficiency savings across your organisation.

Main benefits at a glance

  • Ease. Our on-site team manages your temporary staffing completely at no cost to the Trust.
  • Value. Our system not only caps rates but allows you to view instantly the most cost effective solution for each and every booking.
  • Efficiency. We appreciate that it’s essential to have effective rotas in place, based on clear, transparent criteria and supported by robust workforce planning. Our system is designed to give you all the tools and information you need to achieve this, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Insight. The system offers the Trust’s senior management an invaluable insight into staffing costs, with unique tools designed to allow you to control and reduce your expenditure.
  • Information. With up-to-the minute, live management information – departments will always know what their spend is in relation to their budget.
  • Increased productivity. By reducing administrative duties for all Trust staff.
  • Improved cash flow. Thanks to electronic timesheets and monthly invoicing.
  • Peace of mind. We provide only fully compliant medical locums - transferring the risk management completely from the Trust to us.