Permanent workers FAQs

  • How long does the whole process take?

    From the initial conversation with your dedicated recruitment consultant to the day you get offered the role, you should be looking at around 4-6 weeks.

  • What is the interview process like?

    The interview process will be a one or two stage interview and this can be done via Skype if you are outside of the UK. You will be given 48 hours’ notice before your interview.

  • Do the hospitals pay for accommodation?

    Most hospitals have accommodation on site, however this will be taken from your monthly salary. The cost depends on the location however single accommodation is around £400 and family £550 per month. If hospital accommodation is not available the agency can assist you with finding something suitable in the local area. Hospital accommodation is good for the initial period.

  • Do I need IELTS?

    You will need IELTS with an overall score of 7.5 to start the process of looking for a role in the UK.

  • Can I get IELTS exemption?

    There are very few hospitals who can support doctors with IELTS exemption. This route is a lot longer and more expensive and there is never a guarantee you will get a job at the end of it. It’s always best to take the IELTS exam.

  • Can A&E Agency assist with MTI scheme?

    We cannot assist with MTI schemes. The competition for this route is extremely high and there are very limited spaces through this route. However, we can assist you with positions which provide career progression.

  • What salary should I expect?

    Your salary is based on your grade and years of experience and this is done via NHS pay scales. With our experience, we are able to assist in negotiating you the highest salary for your experience.

  • What grade should I apply for?

    This can vary, however on the whole it is advisable to drop down a level in the initial period until you are comfortable with the system. However your recruitment consultant will be able to advise you on this.

  • How much should I expect to pay for my visa and GMC registration?

    A visa including the health sur-charge fee is around £1200 per person for a standard visa. GMC registration is around £425.

  • Will I get an induction period?

    Most hospitals will give you a two week induction period where you will spend time getting used to the system and shadowing other doctors before doing clinical work.

  • What is the difference between a university hospital and a general hospital?

    A university hospital is larger and is affiliated with teaching and clinical education. A general hospital is non-specialised and tends to be smaller.

  • How do I get a visa and how long does it take?

    Once you have accepted an offer you will be provided with a certificate of sponsorship from the trust. These have to be applied for on the 5th of each month to the home office and the hospital will get a response around the 11th. Once they have a response the sponsor will be assigned to you and you can then apply for your visa. Each visa application is different based on the country you are coming from. Average time frames are 6 weeks for a standard visa and 10 days for a premium visa.

  • How much annual leave will I get?

    27 days plus study leave (dependant on contract).

  • Will I get career progression?

    Most hospitals will provide you with an educational supervisor and support you to progress within your career.

  • Can I get a CESR post?

    We are currently working with a number of hospitals who are advertising for CESR posts. You will have to complete a minimum of 3 months service, before completion of secondments.

  • What happens if I want to leave the hospital before my contract expires?

    You will have a notice period of 1 month.

  • Do I have to pay the agency for their services?

    No payment is required from any of our doctors.