Permanent placement testimonials

“A&E Agency helped me with the long process of working as a clinical fellow here in UK. They are the best for any doctors seeking work across UK. They are knowledgeable and understanding with a perfect ability to fit every person in the correct spot. I trust here the most and recommend here in without hesitation.”

Dr Eldragini

“I collaborated with A&E Agency during my search for a job in the UK. They went over and above to help me make the most of the opportunities that were offered. They were always available when I had a problem or a question, and were an indispensable help during the complicated times of looking for my first job in the NHS. When I had a burning issue during a trip for an interview, they reacted in the way that was absolutely incredible and solved the problem that was threatening to kill any chance of the interview ever taking place. I would sincerely recommend A&E Agency to anyone looking for a job in the NHS. They are knowledgeable, react promptly, use all of their resources to help a client and is very kind in communication.”

Dr Giljaca

“A&E Agency helped me secure my first job in NHS as a Clinical Fellow. They were extremely helpful, promptly responsive and thoroughly professional from the first day I contacted them. From interview calls and guidance to job offer & COS and they even helped me in sorting out hospital accommodation. I recommend A&E Agency to all junior doctors in the UK.”

Dr Sarwat

“I personally experienced the placement services delivered by A&E Agency. They are very skilled in matching candidates with the appropriate job offers. They are highly proactive in navigating the candidate during the entire placement process & enhance the entire experiences while overcoming any idiosyncrasies in the way. Their abilities to understand the holistic requirements of a candidate & ability to deliver accordingly with compassion & professionalism are unique & trendsetting.”

Dr Chhabra