Clinical Research Physician

Job Description



Would you like to be part of UK’s most lucrative industry and change people’s life?


We are currently looking for doctors interested in a new career as Clinical Research Physician. With several opportunities across the UK, you be will be working for leading clinical research organisations to support critical research studies.


What does a clinical research physician do?

Pharmaceutical companies need to run clinical trials to prove their medical works to prevent/cure/manage diseases, viruses etc. The running of these trials goes to leaders in the clinical research industry such as this client who run the trial on their behalf.

There are lots of protocols and regulations around the trial, participants, medication and data required from the study.

Your job as a clinical research physician is to read and understand the protocols and regulations, evaluate the participant’s suitability, get informed consent, and enroll them into the study. You may need to give them the medication and then collect clinical data such as physical examination, blood tests and follow-ups throughout the duration of the trial.

We sat down with one of our doctors and asked what a typical day looks like for a clinical research doctor. You can watch that here


  • GMC registration
  • Completed foundation FY1 and FY2 training
  • Experience in A&E, Medicine or similar
  • Right to work in the UK

 Still not sure? If you are interested in this vacancy but would like more information before applying, please email