Using LMS as a direct engagement portal


Getting started with the LMS portal

Initially, you will receive a 'Welcome to LMS' email. This will contain your username and a link to set a password for your account. 

Please bear in mind that your email link will expire, so remember to set your password before the time specified in the email. Once you have set your details you will be able to login.

How do I accept the terms and conditions?

You will need to accept the LMS Booking Terms and Conditions via the portal before being able to upload any timesheets. For more information about how to read and accept these terms and conditions, read this quick guide.

Timesheet deadlines

Please ensure you submit your hours via email to by 5pm each Sunday to ensure you receive payment on the Friday.  

If you have any issues when uploading your timesheet, please reach out to LMS on who will be happy to help you. 


Timesheet statuses explained

On the LMS portal, you’re able to view the status of your timesheets once you have submitted them. There are four different statuses as follows:

Unsubmitted – Timesheet is not completed/submitted 

Authorised – Timesheet has been authorised  for payment

Billed – Timesheet has been paid 

Disputed – Timesheet has been disputed by trust/approver 



How to access and view your payslip on LMS will differ from trust to trust due to their differing payroll systems. In order to understand how this will work for you, please contact your trust directly. 


Pension options

Your pension options will differ from trust to trust. When you confirm your booking, your recruitment consultant can provide you with the correct details and pension form.  

This will give you all the information you need to ensure you make the right choice for you, if you are interested in opting out of the pension scheme and to avoid any unwanted deductions.

Ensuring you're on the right tax code

To ensure you are on the correct tax code, please complete the HMRC starter form and return to us via email at This is the best way to ensure you are on the correct tax code and therefore, paying the correct amount of tax.

Further support 

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions here. If you struggle to find the answer you are looking for the team at LMS will be happy to help. You can contact them on 01756 708 579 or