"I did it my way" with Dr Mickleburgh

Friday, September 3, 2021

Whether you’ve been planning to take an F3 year as a break from training or your plans have changed unexpectedly, it can be quite daunting knowing where to go and what to do to get off to a flying start. As part of the service we offer to our doctors, at every stage of their career, we have compiled a comprehensive guide with our team who have personally supported doctors through their F3 year for over a decade. You can catch up on this article and find the answers to some of our frequently asked questions here.

What we have realised from talking to our doctors about their experiences is that no single F3 year looks the same. The beauty of this is…YOU can do it YOUR way. To showcase this sentiment, we asked some of doctors if they’d be willing to share their stories from their F3 year. Well, in their own words, whether to inspire or ignite a fire, they’d like us to share these stories with you now.  

Firstly, we spoke to Dr Mickleburgh who registered with A&E Agency for work back in June of 2020 and she was happy to share her personal experience of working as a locum doctor over the last 12 months, and during an eventful F3 year:


 “I've worked with the A&E Agency over the last 12 months to help me find work that suited me in my F3 year. As someone who likes a plan and structure to their life, the prospect of planning 12 months, out of training, in a brand-new city felt quite daunting.... Not to mention a pandemic being thrown into the mix!

Over my F3 year, I chose to sit an MRCP exam and have studied part-time on a postgraduate certificate in dementia studies. Being able to flexibly choose shifts to fit around these commitments enabled me to find the work-study-life balance that worked best for me. Other times of the year were less busy with deadlines, meaning that I could enjoy a steady Mon-Fri 9-5 job, giving me freedom to commit to a regular sports team and the peace of mind that I won't miss those important events that fall on weekends”

Dr Jemma Mickleburgh 


We asked Dr Mickleburgh's recruitment consultant to share their experience of looking for jobs tailored to full time and part time availability, changes in situation and circumstances amid the pandemic and how that changed over the year. 

"Jemma did everything perfectly, she was extremely organised with her documents and we were able to get the file compliant for work quickly. Her references were very complimentary which made my job easier. We kept in touch about the work available and made sure we were talking to the NHS trusts about the specific availability we were working on at each time. We love to chat to all of our doctors about everything they are doing outside of work so that we really understand their situation. It was a pleasure to get to know and support Jemma throughout her F3 year and to see all of her great accomplishments alongside that. I wish her the best for everything in the future and I know we will stay in touch. We are extremely grateful that she has recommended numerous friends to us and look forward to helping them throughout their F3 year over the next 12 months as well"

It’s never too late to get registered with A&E Agency for your F3 year. If any of the above resonates with you or you’d like to discuss our tailor-made opportunities and the next steps for you, please contact us on info@accidentemergency.co.uk and we will be happy to help. #doityourway