Is our team built on good word?

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

We spend a third of our day at work, maybe more. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-flying CEO, an integral cog in a bigger machine or just starting in your career, the people you surround yourself with are the company culture. Over time, the values and beliefs you have as a collective become your teams’ brand and it’s this that makes your job and company either a brilliant place to thrive or just a steppingstone to something greater. 

At the heart of every great company are dynamic people. Work colleagues often become close friends and even when one of you moves on, the friendship is treasured and blossoms beyond the workplace. So, what happens when we reverse that process?  We speak to some team members who have recommended friends or been recommended for jobs - and if in hindsight, they would do it again. 

Emma and Natalie 

“We met in our old job where we both worked in sports retail. Our friendship started due to our similar work-ethic. We would always go above and beyond to offer exceptional customer service to the fans and graft late into the night to finish a stocktake or visual merchandising. I moved to Acacium Group to support the recruitment team with compliance. After 6 months, the team were looking for someone else to join the company in the same role. Without hesitation, I met Nat for lunch and asked her what she thought. Fast forward 7 years and we are both still here. Our career paths have been quite different, but I think we are both great assets to the division and A&E Agency. It was a no-brainer for me to recommend a friend who is hard-working and excels in customer service, those qualities are core values to our team and things we pride ourselves on. I know other people who have recommended ‘ex-colleagues turned friends’ to the agency, and they are approaching 9 years’ with the company this year.”  - Emma 


Ash and Cam 

“I was working in retail when Ash asked if I would be interested in a job which had just become available at A&E Agency. We know each other socially through the same group of friends but had never worked together before. I heard good things about the team and the success they were having. He told me that he was accepted with open arms and treated not just as a colleague, but a friend as well. The role was appealing to me as I understood the company was supportive with progression. Ash was 6 months into his role and had been promoted. It proved to me that you could grow with the company rather being stuck at a dead-end. I’ve been with the company for over a year now and have been promoted too. If the opportunity comes up, I’d recommend a friend because I felt at ease having a friend who worked here already.” - Cam 


Here's a fun fact: 63% of the doctors we work with were introduced to us via a referral. This not only tells us that A&E Agency doctors value our service and the opportunities we consistently offer, but that you want your friends and work associates to join our leading network too. We are always eager to meet new talented doctors, and have listened to your feedback about referral schemes and their credibility. To show our appreciation, we have upgraded our referral bonus to better reward you when you introduce a new doctor to us.   


Introduce a new doctor to A&E Agency and we'll offer a bonus of up to £1000* to say thanks 


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