Our Q&A with Cam Stockman: The benefit and importance of team sport

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Over the last few months, we have been talking to our team, doctors and online community about the importance of health and well-being and the impact this has on our lifestyles. We heard the inspiring journey of how Toni went from couch to a half-marathon throughout lockdown, the story of how Christina juggles and excels in her career, fitness and motherhood and a Q&A with Dr Chuni about how crucial fitness is and the life as a doctor during a global pandemic.

During the Euros, we sat down with our business support officer Cam Stockman, following his football team’s devastating loss at the cup final, after an unbeaten season. We discuss the physical and mental health benefits of playing team sports, the importance of resilience in the face of adversity and how the benefits of playing football stack up in comparison to other fitness activities.




 "Success is down to the entire team"

Thank you Cam & Emma for another inspiring episode of 'How sexy is your health life?' We hope by now you've all been asking yourself the same question and have been as inspired as we have over these past few weeks, listening to these stories and thinking about what motivates you everyday to get up and get going. We have already learnt so much about our doctor's and our team's different approaches to fitness, health and wellbeing, and have been so delighted to share these journey's with the world. In particular, we have been amazed at how much keeping fit and healthy was the catalyst behind getting so many of us through the past 18 months, in the face of a global pandemic that has changed the course of our lives

 ...so what's up next? 👀


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