Q&A with Dr Chuni: How to look after your own health whilst you are busy looking after everyone else’s

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

In recent weeks, we have been discussing the positive impact of fitness for our physical and mental wellbeing as the team return to the office and adjust to life after lockdown. We have been inspired learning about how the team have been balancing motherhood, work and fitness and how running to stay sane in lookdown lead to a half-marathon. After exploring these stories within the business, we wanted to ask one of our doctors, a medical professional, what their view is on the importance of fitness in relation to our health.

"If you are fit and exercising your lung capacity is much better, you are breathing in a lot more, feel better and have more energy to do your shift – initially it started for an aesthetic reason but then it coincided with feeling better and fitter to work” - Dr Akshay Chuni 

We sit down with Dr Akshay Chuni, an A&E locum doctor who worked across the North West of England throughout the once in a lifetime pandemic that brought the globe to a standstill. We discuss a day in the life of an emergency doctor, the importance of keeping fit and how toilet roll became the hot commodity of 2020.  



“My main thing is weightlifting so my advice to anyone just getting started would be not to jump right into the heaviest thing. Even if you do little weights, you shouldn’t be embarrassed, everyone has a starting point. As long as your form is good and you keep it up, you will slowly start feeling the benefits – not just aesthetic wise but health, fitness and energy”  Dr Akshay Chuni 


Another inspiring message to remind us how important it is to maintain a #SexyHealthLife

Throughout these conversations we’ve discovered that there’s no right or wrong or one-size-fits-all when it comes to exercise, but more importantly to discover something you love doing and finding a way to incorporate this into your everyday life. Our fitness levels are directly related to our energy levels. Keeping fit drastically helps to promote positive well-being, decreases stress, and can also provide a buffer against other illnesses - such as Covid. A strong message from Dr Akshay Chuni that stuck with us was...no matter what your routine, or how many hours you work in the day, or how many lockdowns you’ve endured, there’s always time in the day to put a little focus on fitness.  

If you have any positive feedback or a story you might like to share about how fitness has had an impact on your life, no matter how big or small, we’d like to hear it. You never know your experience might benefit others.

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