Q&A with Dr Mohammad: Exploring alternative careers

Thursday, January 27, 2022

In 2021, three words shaped the world of work “The Great Resignation”. Whether it be a passion turned into a business, reassessing work-life balance or high-level burnout amid the pandemic, the results are the same. People want to be doing things that bring them joy.

Key workers have felt the heat the most, with NHS staff balancing staff shortages and unprecedented demand on the service. This turbulent combination has led to record numbers of overwhelmed frontline NHS staff resigning to take some time out to reflect on what they want their future to look like - both professionally and in their personal lives.

“A lot of people are clocking on that they want to mix both their passions and their work together. If you enjoy the work you do, you never work a day in your life, right?”

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr Fahad Mohammed, a locum research physician who is enjoying the flexibility and learning opportunities that his time out of the traditional training route has presented. From what a typical day as a clinical research doctor looks like, to advice for anyone who might be considering non-traditional jobs, this is our latest Q&A with a Doctor.

“A day working in the life at a CRO can be very varied, you are doing lots of different things at different times, sometimes it’s a bit hectic, sometimes it’s quite relaxing but it’s invariably a lot of fun.”

We understand that you may be looking for something new and different to better suit your individual lifestyles. We are focusing on working with private sector clients in the medical and health industry to find these kinds of roles and to be able to offer them to you. From clinical research jobs to cruise ship physicians and slimming clinic doctors to functional assessor roles, we have a diverse portfolio that our team are constantly adding to. If you want to know which non-traditional roles and diverse opportunities are available for medical doctors, please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss the jobs available for you.