Using Retinue as a direct engagement portal


Getting started with the Retinue portal

Before you start using Retinue, a member of our team will need to create a log in for you. Once we’ve set you up, you will receive an email directly from Retinue with your login details.

Retinue portal login


Logging in for the first time

When you log in for the first time, you will have tasks to complete a few onboarding actions, including accepting your terms and conditions, choosing your pension options and answering some tax questions. Once you have completed all tasks, you are free to upload any hours worked on to the system. Please note: Incomplete tasks may mean a delay in receiving your pay.

When do I submit timesheets and receive my pay?

There are two ways to submit your timesheets. You can upload your timesheets directly to the Retinue portal. Alternatively, you can email your timesheets to us at prior to 11pm on Sunday evenings. If approved the following day (Monday), you will receive your pay on Friday of the same week. Please note: All portal tasks must be completed before you can upload your timesheets.


What do the different timesheet statuses mean?

With Retinue, you’re able to view the status of your timesheets in the portal. There are six different statuses, as follows:

Open - Timesheet not completed or submitted. Pending – Timesheet submitted but not yet authorised. Disputed – The timesheet has been disputed by client. Approved - Timesheet approved for payment. Processed – Timesheet is being processed. Paid - Timesheet has been paid.


How do I access my payslips?

You can request copies of your payslips by emailing Please include the following details in your request:

  • Full name
  • D.O.B
  • NI number
  • Home address
  • What months payslip is required
  • Payroll number 
  • Email address to send payslip to


Ensuring you're on the right tax code

To ensure you are on the correct tax code, please complete the HMRC starter form and return to us via email at This is the best way to ensure you are on the correct tax code and therefore, paying the correct amount of tax.


Pension scheme

When working via Retinue, the pension options differ from trust to trust. Your recruitment consultant will provide you with the relevant pension information once your booking is confirmed at the trust.


Further support

If you have any questions or need any support setting up your login, please do not hesitate to contact the Retinue team on or 0845 241 0824. You can also refer to the Retinue App Help & FAQs section for further guidance.