What is STAFFflow?

STAFFflow is the direct engagement portal we as your agency use to submit your timesheets, so the trust you are working with can make direct payments to you.


How to get started on StaffFlow

Firstly, we need to set you up an account with STAFFflow before you start your placement with the trust. Don’t worry – a member of our team will create your log-in for you.

Once this has been done, you will then receive an email from the STAFFflow portal with a link to follow. This will finalise your account. Click here for further information on setting up your login


Logging in for the first time

When you log in for the first time, you will have some onboarding tasks to complete. These will include:

  • Accepting your terms and conditions
  • Choosing your pension options
  • Answering some tax questions

Once you have completed all of the tasks, you will be ready to upload any hours you have worked. Click here for further information on completing your onboarding tasks


When do you need to submit your timesheets and when will you receive your pay?

Please ensure that your timesheets are uploaded for your manager to approve prior to 9am on a Monday morning. If your timesheets are approved on that Monday, you will receive your pay for those hours on Friday of the same week. Please note: All portal tasks must be completed before you can upload your timesheets.

For further information on how to submit timesheets, read the ‘timesheets’ guide.


Timesheet statuses explained

With STAFFflow, you’re able to view the status of your timesheets in the portal. There are six different statuses, and we’ve explained each of them here:

  • Open – Timesheet is incomplete and is available for hours worked to be submitted.
  • Awaiting authorisation stage 1 – Hours have been submitted and are awaiting authorisation by the trust.
  • Awaiting authorisation stage 2 – Hours have been approved by 1st stage trust approver and are awaiting authorisation by the trust 2nd stage approver. Please note, not all trusts have 2nd stage approvers.
  • Approved for payment by trust – Approved by trust, ready for processing in the next weekly payroll.
  • Paid – Processed for payment or has already been paid.
  • Rejected – Trust has rejected your timesheet and has stated a reason.


Accessing payslips

You can access your payslips via the STAFFflow portal. Simply log in, and navigate to the ‘My payslips and invoices’ page.


Ensuring you’re on the right tax code

To ensure you are on the correct tax code, please complete the HMRC starter form and return it to us via email at This is the best way to ensure you are on the correct tax code and therefore, paying the correct amount of tax.


NHS pension scheme

For all PAYE direct engagement assignments via STAFFflow, all eligible temporary workers are contractually entitled to membership of the NHS pension scheme. You will therefore be enrolled into the scheme automatically.

It’s important to note that if you do opt into the NHS pension scheme, this will reduce your pay rate by 11.2%. Please refer to the information we have provided here regarding the NHS pension.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme, please do reach out to us before selecting any options in STAFFflow to avoid any issues with payment.

More information about the NHS Pension Scheme via STAFFflow

More information about the Member Opting Out

Application to leave the NHS Pension Scheme


Further support

If you have any questions or need any support setting up your login, please do not hesitate to contact the STAFFflow team on or 0800 083 0300. Their operating hours are Monday – Friday, 8am-6pm.